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Concrete Heating

Heating supplements for Ready-mix and
   precast plants

Heating of material boxes for sand and gravel by
    use of steam or high pressure hot air systems in
    the active and non-active sectors.

Control systems to optimize steam injection
    conditional on external temperature, amount of
    concrete and time.

    Hot air systems for direct and indirect heating
    Continuous temperature control of hot air
    temperature using fine tuned control systems.
    Combined plants with hot air and steam injection
    for extreme requirements, tunnel construction sites,
    and concrete segment production.

    Hot water generation for mixing water and
    Ready-mix trucks.


  • Powerful special type hot water generators,
    240 thru 800 kW.

  • Maintenance free stainless steel heat exchangers
    with self-cleaning spiral heat exchangers.

  • Fast control systems for hot water adaptation,
    specially designed for the short water level run-in

  • Directly heated hot water generation, up to 3,000
    liters, without any additional heater.

  • Heating of large volume containers up to 75m²
    including special discharge technology and
    heating systems.

Solutions for the heating of stationary
   & mobile mixing plants in wintertime.

  Designed with the requirements of the
    Concrete-industry climatic conditions and the
    system geometry of the mixing plant, we use
    steam, air, or combined

    With our high-performance
Hot water preporation,
    were able toserve a high volume for the
    water and cement mixer

    The frost protection and temperature control of
    Mixing and production halls can
be taken by our
    heating systems within.

  For larger complexes or external spaces we offer   
    the planing of an individual solution.